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We're ACE New Zealand

Joining ACE New Zealand is the most important connection you can make as a consulting and engineering firm. We believe that the future of consulting rests in our hands. Together we will inspire, inform and influence the consulting community. Our sector is the heartbeat of our nation and we are the ones who can tell the world about it. Together we can shape the future of Aotearoa. 

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Membership benefits


Finding a consultant

By joining ACE New Zealand, you’ll be part of a community of over 200 member firms working together to shape the future of Aotearoa. Membership will enable your firm to compete, excel and thrive; we will lead and shape the future of our nation, and collectively assert and preserve the credibility of our sector with decision-makers. You will be able to share your expertise, develop your knowledge and contacts and broaden your horizon with like-minded members. Thanks to the expertise of our industry-led panels and consulting practitioners from across the sector, we can keep professionals and the wider society reliably informed about the key issues of today. Get involved and help play a leading role in the future of Aotearoa. 


There are times when you need additional insight with a project or problem. If you have not sought out or worked with a consultant or engineer before, the thought of finding the right one can be a little daunting. Browse our members to find the right firm for you.