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(pronounced "ACE-enz") we are a firm based membership Association that represents consulting and engineering professionals throughout New Zealand in the built and natural environment. We are the Trusted Advisor, providing business leadership in matters relating to the construction, engineering, and the professional services industry. ACENZ exists to raise the profile and expand the influence of the industry and to assist members improve their business performance and the quality of service. Learn more about ACENZ and what we offer through a few of the key areas below. 

In addition, ACENZ offers many other resources, links and tools to both our members and the wider industry. Anyone can request to be added to our database to receive newsletters and keep in touch with us, however, some content on the website is reserved just for Members. To access Members Only content, you'll need to be approved by an ACENZ staff who has verified you are employed by a Member firm. Then you can login with your work email and a password. If you're employed by an ACENZ Member firm and don't have a login, request one here. Please be patient with us as we do need to verify that you work for an ACENZ Member firm, so access to the Members Only sections and content has to be approved by an ACENZ staff.

The below are only a few of the tools, links and resources available throughout our site. We welcome you to explore our pages to learn more about ACENZ and what we do.


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Find a Consulting Engineer

We keep our Members up to date with news, links, articles of interest,and advisories to name a few. If you are a Member, click the headline above to read our updates (blog style) and get access to direct linksand downloads that are exclusively for Members. If you are interested in becoming a Member, click here, or work for a Member firm and need a login, click here

aaaa ACENZ Membership is firm based, and we have about 200 Members spread all over New Zealand. From sole practitioners, SMEs to the mega firms, you can locate a qualified and professional firm to help with your next project. Click the headline above to find your next Consultant.

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