30 January 2020 e-News

Construction Sector Transformation Plan launched

The Government has announced a new action plan to help lift the workforce and productivity to build houses, schools, roads, rail and hospitals throughout the country.

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As is often the case, I think some of the media commentaries around the Construction Sector Accord and the Transformation Plan miss the point. Read a summary

It's not just about "playing nice", and it's not about guaranteeing profits for firms. It's about creating a culture where all parties clearly understand risk, and the contract reflects that. Risk should sit with the party best able to manage it.

It's also about ensuring that procurement doesn't automatically prioritise the lowest upfront cost over the best long-term value.

I think we should strongly support the Accord, ensure the Government works in line with the principles, and importantly ensure that we also play our part. Success will only happen if we have broad buy-in and a genuine commitment to doing things differently.

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ACE Awards Webinar 

Today 10.30am, online 

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Mental Health with Engineering New Zealand 

12 February, Auckland 

18 February, Wellington 

Your wellbeing is important. One in five New Zealander's will experience mental illness this year. If left undiagnosed or untreated, mental illness can significantly impact a person’s ability to function in addition to impacting those around them. These informative and interactive events are a great opportunity to hear from a variety of professionals sharing their experiences. 

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The Diversity Agenda Accord launch at Parliament

20 February, Wellington

Hon Julie Anne Genter, Minister for Women, will officially launch the Diversity Agenda Accord at a major event in the Grand Hall at Parliament. 

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Webinar: Fit For The Future – Strategy 101 with Alicia McKay

Tuesday 18 February, 11am

In this webinar, Alicia McKay breaks down the basics when it comes to good organisational strategy, answering common questions like ''What is strategy? Why do we need one? What do all the words mean? How does it all fit together? What does it have to do with me?''

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Webinar: Value-Based Pricing - By Win Without Pitching’s Blair Enns

Wednesday 26 February, 10am

The webinar takes the subject of value-based pricing and makes it real. Blair's goal for this webinar is to have you increase your firm’s profits by 50% simply by following two fundamental principles and four simple rules.

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Kia pai tō rā, Paul and the ACE New Zealand team

Rail for Hamilton and Tauranga?

Transport Minister Phil Twyford says spatial plans are likely to be released in June this year which include rapid transit systems in Hamilton and Tauranga.

Commuter rail

Kāinga Ora to build more houses

Raising Kāinga Ora’s debt ceiling from $3.05B to $7.1B will allow the Government agency to build more homes and support the progress of significant urban developments.

More homes

Building consent numbers continue to climb

Over 37,000 residential building consents were issued in the 12 months until the end of November 2019, which is a 45-year high.

Soaring consents

Business confidence improves

2019 ended with business confidence showing a slight improvement; however the general outlook for the economy remains negative.

Growth slides

Councils must prepare for sea-level rise

Councils around the country say they don’t have enough legal powers, money, or appetite for litigation to prepare for sea-level rise.

Government responsibility

Enquiry into light rail procurement?

The Office of the Auditor-General is considering whether to launch an investigation into the procurement process for the Auckland light rail project.

Millions wasted

Too much carbon from new homes

A new study reveals that a typical new Kiwi home emits five times as much carbon dioxide as it can afford to if the world is to stay inside 2C warming.

Excessive carbon

Port relocation debate continues

Auckland Council wants further investigation into the Manukau Harbour and the Firth of Thames as possible options for the relocation of Auckland Port.

Further options