ACENZ Elects First Female President

ACENZ has appointed Ida Dowling as its first female President at its Annual General Meeting in Hamilton on Friday, 3rd August. Ms Dowling replaces outgoing President Mike Kerr.

ACENZ Chief Executive, Kieran Shaw comments on President Ida Dowling, “Ida was soon recognised for introducing an enthusiastic commitment and fresh new ideas when appointed ACENZ Regional Chair for central Auckland in 2013. She quickly brought a new vitality to our strategic focus upon more engagement with membership young professionals, whilst also encouraging a broad spread of diversity into our member firms.


Ida brought the same enthusiasm and all-encompassing values to the ACENZ Board when she later moved up into the Association governance body. We are now very pleased that in becoming the first female President of ACENZ she has proved the merit of those values that she has promoted so well.”

About Ida

Ida is a Senior Transportation Consultant with Commute Transportation Specialists in Auckland. Graduating from Auckland University with a B.E. (Hons) in Civil Engineering, she has built a career spanning almost 20 years within the transport sector. Ida is a Member of Engineering New Zealand and also holds a CPEng qualification.



ACENZ is a company-based membership Association that represents consulting and engineering professionals throughout New Zealand in the built and natural environment. ACENZ provides business leadership in matters relating to the construction, engineering, and the professional services industry. ACENZ exists to raise the profile and expand the influence of the industry and to assist members to improve their business performance and the quality of service.


With over 195 Member firms, representing collectively more than 12,500 individual staff, ACENZ acts as “the Trusted Advisor” to Members and industry bodies, local and national government agencies, and others within the construction, engineering and consulting industries.