The Diversity Agenda

Join ACE New Zealand, Engineering New Zealand, and NZIA in challenging the status quo, through the Diversity Agenda. It's an industry-wide call to action in engineering and architecture, addressing critical issues like retaining and promoting women to leadership roles, pay equity and changing the working culture for everyone's benefit. It signifies a commitment for our industries to be more inspiring and accessible to everyone.

The backbone of the agenda is a clear industry target - 20% more. We get a lot of questions around 20% more of what? Well, more than what you're doing. That could be 20% more women in management roles, or it could be simply hiring 20% more women. It could be 20% diverse workforce, it's up to you to make the change, so we ask that you strive to be 20% better by 2021.

We're offering two ways to partner up with us:

1. Become a Founding Partner or;

2. Become a Change Maker 

We've worked hard to assemble some information on what our plans are, our goals, etc. which you can find out more about here

If you don't need convincing and want to join us, then click one of the hyperlinks above to sign-up as a Founding Partner or Changemaker. We hope you'll join us to make real change for the industry, but we can't do it without your support!

Visit the Diversity Agenda website