16 April e-News

Our economy is already struggling under COVID-19. So, it's a massive concern to me that some local government entities are taking an austerity-based approach, by slashing projects and spending.


Simply put, this will cost jobs at a time when we desperately need to be protecting employment.

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It's a surefire way to turn a recession into a depression, and not in-line with the government's plans for an infrastructure-led recovery.

I empathise with councils; after all, I've been a local government employee. I know they are between a rock and a hard place.

I recognise that councils have to proactively and prudently manage their expenses, but there's a need to be future-focused too.

In my view, councils can't solve this on their own. They will need central government support.

The government must consider extraordinary funding actions outside of those commonly available, including co-funding of activities, consideration of debt limits and potentially debt relief.

With this in mind, please see a letter I wrote to the Minister of Finance expressing my concerns

Returning to work under Alert Level 3

‍The construction industry is working collaboratively across government, Construction Sector Accord member groups and client organisations to develop safe return to work processes for all who work in and around the construction sector.

For businesses to open under Alert Level 3, they will, at a minimum, have to be able to implement good health and safety processes, including physical distancing, hygiene and tracking of persons that address risks posed by COVID-19. 

To provide support for the sector, the industry advisory groups have developed a set of standards, principles and protocols that cover how our businesses and employees might return to work safely.  This guidance is currently being developed and tested with cross-sector industry panels, including the government.

The first document of the framework, the COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations has been released.

‍The standard covers the high-level principles for construction-related activity carried out by businesses and minimum requirements for operating safety during COVID-19 alert levels 2 and above. The standard covers:

  • horizontal (civil),

  • vertical (commercial), and

  • residential

The standard is underpinned by protocols currently being developed for horizontal, vertical, and residential operations. The protocols will cover how the requirements described in the standard can be carried out consistently across the industry.

The work is a high priority, and the protocols will be finalised this week. For the latest developments, visit the CHASNZ website

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Sales coaching with Keith Dugdale

11am, Monday 20 April

Keith Dugdale of The Business of Trust will be answering your questions on business development and sales challenges we're all currently facing. From how to not jump on an opportunity too soon, to whether you should be discounting during COVID-19. 

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Work-life balance and mental resilience with Tony Harrison

10am, Wednesday 29 April

Tony Harrison, Technical Director at Urban Connection, shares his story on the mental, physical and family health adjustment he went through to get a good work-life balance in this 1-hour webinar, free for ACE members. His story is even more potent in the wake of COVID-19 and the additional challenges this has placed on us all.

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Data protection essentials with Paul Ramsbottom

10am, Thursday 7 May

Managing Director at Advanced Solutions International, Paul Ramsbottom will explain how to protect data and safeguard your organisation's reputation by mitigating risk. Gain valuable insights to help protect your organisation before a data breach occurs.

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New proposals for Hamilton growth

Hamilton City Council has developed 23 detailed and costed infrastructure proposals that will create jobs and be shovel-ready within six months.

Moving on

Fulton Hogan response to COVID19

Fulton Hogan is asking 5000 staff to take two weeks annual leave, in addition to receiving the government's wage subsidy, as COVID19 hits construction hard.

Wage subsidy

Tauranga infrastructure on hold

Increasing financial pressure has forced the Tauranga City Council to defer work on the Waiari Water Supply Scheme and Harington St Transport Hub.

Financial impact

Auckland Council pushes pause

Auckland Council has paused non-essential external work involving consultancy and project management services to control costs.

Cutting costs

Wider footpaths to combat COVID?

Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter says planning is underway for expanded footpaths and temporary cycleways so people can maintain physical distancing.

Post-COVID streets

Road deaths fall during the lockdown

The falling traffic count on our roads has resulted in 16 fewer lives being lost so far in 2020 when compared with the same period over the last four years.

No driving

Lowering our use of fossil fuels

There are calls for the New Zealand government to lead the charge on the development of a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

Can we do it?

Raye Powell believes we now have a more sophisticated understanding of the value of women in engineering

Raye Powell joined the engineering industry 20 years ago. Now, she believes there's a much more sophisticated understanding of the value of women in the sector.

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