Why become a member?

ACE New Zealand members take consulting to the next level. It's a commitment to professionalism in your consulting business and a commitment to growing a stronger sector.

Be the best

We enable our members to set the standard for consultancy skills and professionalism, both now and to ensure the future success of the sector. We know what good looks like, and we have the training, events, resources, and guidance to help our members grow. Our resources include producer statements, contracts, fees guidance, our remuneration report, and more.

Be the voice

We work hard to ensure our members’ voices are valued and trusted. We raise the profile of professional services consulting and build strong and influential relationships with central and local government, key clients, and the public so our members have an influential voice on important issues affecting the sector.

Be prepared

We ensure our members are ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow and to lead the way for others. We raise awareness among our members of key issues like diversity and inclusion, the future of work, mental wellbeing, and our climate response, and put the right structures, agreements, and guidance in place to enable our members to thrive and lead through these challenges.

Be connected

Every step of the way we’re here to support and connect our members. From the latest news and insights to regional events, and forums. In addition, our “Find a Consultant” directory is regularly searched by commercial and residential clients.

Join us

If you’re a firm practising professional services consulting in the built and natural environment in New Zealand you can join us!  


If your firm is registered or incorporated in New Zealand and practices professional services consulting in the built and natural environment you can join us as a Member.

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Other memberships

We offer other memberships if your business doesn’t fit the Member criteria. Let’s talk.

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Member discounts

As an ACE New Zealand member, you receive discounts at a range of businesses. See our full range of discounts (login required)