What COVID-19 Alert Level 2 means for you

On Monday 11 May, the Prime Minister will announce when Aotearoa moves to Alert Level 2. Until then, we remain in Alert Level 3 and must comply with all relevant restrictions.


However, we now have a better idea of what Alert Level 2 looks like. While Alert Level 2 is far more permissive, it certainly isn’t business as usual. There will be ongoing restrictions and measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

Operating your business safely

The good news is that at Alert Level 2, businesses can operate if they can do so safely.

The critical public health requirements stay the same at Alert Level 2. Businesses should maintain hygiene measures, including:

  • physical distancing
  • handwashing, and
  • regularly cleaning surfaces

All businesses are encouraged to use alternative ways of working if possible, meaning staff should continue to work from home where it’s practical. And importantly, if workers are unwell, they must stay home. 

Dealing with clients

At Alert Level 2, you can have clients on your premises if you can meet public health requirements. This means you must:

  • have a contact tracing system in place to record everyone who you interact with
  • maintain physical distancing of one metre


You can travel around the country (including flying) if you follow proper personal health measures. However, you will need to keep records of what travel services you use, comply with physical distancing requirements and keep track of who you have been in contact with.

Sector-specific guidance

Work is underway to develop sector-specific guidance. In particular, CHASNZ is working on updating its construction sector protocols. We will notify you as soon as this becomes available, and provide you with practical guidance for your business.

More information

There’s more information on the government’s COVID-19 website; in particular, this page provides an excellent overview of life at Alert Level 2