Why ACE New Zealand joined the Construction Sector Accord Network

The Construction Sector Accord Network was formally launched at Parliament on 5 August and ACE New Zealand is one of 130 members so far. Our Chief Executive Helen Davidson provides some insight into why we joined the network and how it will benefit our people.

Construction Sector Accord

How does ACE New Zealand intersect with the construction sector? 

ACE New Zealand is a firm-based membership association representing more than 220 consulting and engineering firms from large global firms to employee-owned SMEs.  

Our members employ approximately 13,500 staff, including engineers, project managers, planners, scientists, architects, surveyors and other technical disciplines relating to the construction and infrastructure sectors.  

Together, our members are on the front line of designing and delivering critical technology, construction and infrastructure to support New Zealand’s economy. 

Why has ACE New Zealand joined the Network? 

Like the Accord, we and our members are committed to building a sector that is future fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We all want a thriving sector. But we need a step-change in behaviour and practice if we are to get there.  

The Accord’s goals – increased productivity, raising capability, improving resilience and restoring confidence and pride in the profession – along with its principles of building trusting relationships, valuing our people, collective responsibility, and being bold and innovative are all fundamental to achieving our vision.  

Joining the Accord allows us to proudly confirm our commitment to this mahi, and hold ourselves accountable to it.   

How will ACE New Zealand benefit from being a Network member?   

The Network and the commitments we and other members make give us an anchor point for our conversations with clients and stakeholders about the behaviours and conduct we need and can expect for a thriving sector.  

When we’re in the thick of practise, it can be hard to bring our view back up to the horizon. Joint commitments between consultants and clients give us the permission to do that, in a safe way.   

What would you say to others in the construction industry who are thinking about joining the Network? 

There isn’t a single client or consultant I have spoken to who disagrees that we need a step-change in behaviour and practice in the construction sector. Change starts with commitment and drives forward with accountability. It has been great to see industry and government make that commitment through the Construction Sector Accord.  

As organisations and industry practitioners, it’s our time to take that next step and confirm our role in this change programme and hold ourselves accountable.  

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Accord Resource Hub

Use the Accord Resource Hub to help build your capability. It’s a one-stop-shop for information to help your organisation lift its practices and contribute to a higher-performing construction sector.