About ACE

We’re the consultant’s champion. A non-profit membership organisation elevating the voices, preparedness, and professionalism of consultancy firms working in the built and natural environment.

With more than 260 firms in our fold, ranging from large global firms to employee owned SMEs, we are the voice for professional services consulting and engineering in Aotearoa.

We're always there to get our members through and ahead of the challenges they face. We’ll provide the tools, advice, advocacy, leadership, and enablement that allows you to build a strong and sustainable business, and a reputation as a consultant of choice.

If you’re a consultant, we’re here for you.


Our strategy 

Over the last few years, we’ve been upping our game in how we communicate with, connect, and advocate for our members on issues facing the sector. We’ve done the hard work to modernise and understand our unique value proposition and how we can use that to deliver exactly what our members need. We’ve made excellent progress and now we’re ready to take it to the next level.

Through to 2025, we’re focussing on:

  • Building a strong and respected brand for ACE and its members, so everyone knows an ACE member can be trusted to be at the top of their game, decision-makers understand the power of our voice and want us at the decision-making table, and we're known for the remarkable way our members connect, grow, and protect our communities.

    There’s a lot in here. It’s about having clear expectations for the behaviours of our members through to an identifiable brand, to building strong and trusted relationships with decision-makers and industry stakeholders, to celebrating our members achievements through our coveted ACE awards. Every day we’re making sure we do the best to showcase our members and the amazing value they add, both here in Aotearoa and internationally.

  • Supporting our members to prepare for the challenges of today and tomorrow, so that our members can lead their businesses and our communities through these challenges. We’re helping our members tackle the big issues to build a sustainable sector for the future.

    It won’t be a surprise that there is a lot in here too! So, how do we do it? Through industry forums and events, in conversations and thought-leadership, providing tools and resources, preparing for the future of work and digitalisation, delivering to our climate responsibilities, and promoting fair commercial terms. We’re also enabling mentally healthy workplaces, growing our members cultural competency, and building diverse and inclusive workplaces.

  • Growing our sector and enabling our members to set the standard for professional services consulting in Aotearoa, so we unequivocally know what great looks like and our members are always the best they can be.

    This means clearly articulating the skills and competencies consultants need to succeed, and ensuring our advocacy, training, guidance, and conversations are enabling and growing consultants that are the very best.  It’s delivering surveys and research, and maintaining strong international connections, so we always have our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in our sector, both locally and globally.

We’re here to support our members, so if there are other things you think we need to be doing, let us know, we’d love to chat!

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