Producer statements

Producer statements give authorities confidence that building work will be or has been constructed to meet the Building Code and approved consent requirements.


Producer statements

Engineers use producer statement documents to:

  • Confirm their professional opinion that aspects of a building’s design comply with the Building Code, or
  • Confirm that elements of construction have been completed in accordance with the approved building consent

There are three kinds of producer statements you can use to provide verification at different stages in the design and construction process: 

Online producer statements 

The revised producer statements will significantly improve engineers' and consenting authorities' quality assurance and administrative processes. The documents are hosted online, which means real-time updates, cross-population of fields and greater consistency nationwide.

Check out the online ACE New Zealand and Engineering New Zealand producer statements

A series producer statements

The A series is for an engineer to use for designs where a building consent is not required.

Check out the online ACE New Zealand and Engineering New Zealand A Series Producer Statements


These guidelines are designed to encourage consistent, reasonable and appropriate practice in issuing and accepting producer statements originating from Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng).

Check out the guidelines on producer statements