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How to be more persuasive

Webinar - July 02, 2021 at 10:00am - 11am


The ability to write a killer proposal, business case, or other persuasive content can be the difference between success and closing the doors—between climbing the ladder or remaining static.

Knowing how to be persuasive in text is both a skill and an art. First of all, how to keep them awake? And then you don’t want to fall into the old trap of the cheesy sales pitch. But you also don’t want to resort to straight up scaremongering.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The art of persuasion: what are we really trying to do?
  • Ethos, pathos logos
  • How to engage your reader (hint: it’s their PAIN)
  • How we need to be honest about reader behaviour if we want to be persuasive (because no amount of persuasion will work if they don’t read the damn thing

About the presenter 

Shelly Davies calls herself a rockstar business writer, trainer, and keynote speaker. She likes to help businesses turn corporate jargon into plain language. She owns her own business Shelly Davis where she delivers business and technical writing training for 800 - 1,000 people a year to help them make their writing faster, better, more effective.


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