Jannik Wittgen – 2023 Student Award winner

A mechatronics graduate from the University of Auckland, Jannik Wittgen is one of three 2023 Student Award winners. We sat down with Jannik to find out more about what motivates him

Jannik, what motivates you? 

I'm motivated by making a difference in the world and seeing the impact of the work I do for people and communities, directly or indirectly. That applies both to my engineering work and my volunteering in the youth development sector! 

Why did you get into engineering? 

I got into engineering as I really enjoyed physics and understanding the world.  

I also wanted to apply that knowledge to make a difference to people and society. Engineering has allowed me to do this, as well as apply some problem-solving skills! 

You’ve just started a new graduate role as Fisher and Paykel Healthcare as a process development engineer, where do you see yourself in five years' time? 

I'm open to options, chasing wherever I can have an impact and thrive personally.  

Likely still working in the engineering industry, gaining more hands-on experience before moving into consulting roles. I would love to be moving into leadership roles, mentoring interns and graduates, and passing on some of the knowledge I've being able gather at that point.