Nigel Harwood is the director and principal consultant of NIGEL HARWOOD ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY LTD (NHECL).


Nigel has extensive epxerience in the production of asset management plans (AMPs) in both the water and electrical industries. For the last twenty years he has led the asset management teams that maintained and directed the capital spend of municipal water supplies for Dunedin City (population 120,000) and company assets of electrical lines in Dunedin City and Queenstown/Central Otago (82,000 consumer connections).


Nigel's substantial experience includes the production of strategic plans and major capital works programmes. The largest of these was the now-completed $110 million Dunedin water upgrade strategy. Involving all aspects of the water supply from catchments to customer's boundaries, it resulted in treatment upgrading from 'E' to 'A'.


His experience in considering water and electrical supply issues allows Nigel to determine whether capital works or enhanced maintenance programmes are economically justified.

Nigel Harwood Engineering Consultant 15sc

Nigel Harwood Engineering Consultant