ACENZ is a professional association promoting the commercial interests of its members, advancing the practice of consulting and engineering and other professionals in the built and natural environment, providing information and assistance to clients and the public.

ACENZ members hold professional qualifications and practical experience. Members must not have any direct or indirect interest in any commercial or contracting business which might compromise the impartiality of their advice to clients. Members are bound by a Code of Ethics.

ACENZ offers two main membership types: Ordinary and Associate.





To qualify for Ordinary Membership, an applicant firm must: 

a)    Be ordinarily resident or incorporated in New Zealand;

b)   In the opinion of the Board, has appropriate personnel with knowledge and experience in the field of consulting in the natural and built environment tofurnish impartial and competent advice;

c)    Can produce evidence at all times in the form of a professional indemnity insurance policy that the Firm is covered for a sum of not less than $500,000;

d)   Is constituted so that all control and management decisions of the Firm are made by persons who:

(i)        Are Institution members in the class of Fellow or Member, or

(ii)       Hold professional qualifications which in the opinion of the Board are equivalent to those of Institution members in 5.02(d)(i) and

(iii)      Are members of a profession or organisation recognised by the Board as upholding a Code of Ethics compatible with that of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC);

e)   Has signed an undertaking agreeing to abide by the Rules and Bylaws of the Association for the time being in force or as they may thereafter be altered, amended, or enlarged, and to pay the annual subscription.

f)     Competes in the market place, in the opinion of the Board, on an equal basis with other Firms, in that income, which is derived primarily from the provision of consulting services, is open to competition from other Firms and operates without unfair advantage. 


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What is ACENZ Benefits & Achievements  Rules of ACENZ Quality Management  Subs / Fees


If your firm satisfies all of the above and you would like to apply for Ordinary Membership, take some time to read these documents and prepare your application file.

When you are ready to apply, we have two options available: online application here or Word application here (if Word Doc is downloaded, please remember to email the required 4 attachments to Katie Bartlett).

Note that membership applications are reviewed and voted upon at each Board Meeting, typically taking place every February, April, June/July, and November. Your full and complete application must be received by the ACENZ office at least three weeks prior to the board meeting to be included in voting papers. 


Member Discounts

ACENZ membership also gives you access to a number of special discounts with the below companies:

Joyworkz Ltd

Joyworkz Ltd are a workplace wellness company who specialise in helping SMEs plan and design their very own wellness program.  ACENZ members are eligible for 20% discount on the SimplyWell package.

Organisation Development Institute (ODI)

ODI works to develop leaders and improve organisations.  It achieves this by providing customised in-house leadership and management learning solutions and a range of consultancy services to assist with building organisation capability.  ACENZ members are eligible to a 10% discount off standard rates.

EAP Services Ltd

EAP Services Limited is New Zealand’s leading provider of Employee Assistance Programme services. The benefits to employers from having an Employee Assistance Programme include increased productivity, reduced sick leave, healthier and happier workplace relationships, and lower staff turnover.  


CEAS provide Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and other associated insurances for consulting engineers and allied professionals.  ACENZ Members qualify for a discount off their insurance package.

Rainbow Creative Ltd

Rainbow Creative Ltd are a design and print house who like to create ideas for your business. ACENZ members receive 20% discount off Design and Digital print services with Rainbow Creative.

Office Max

OfficeMax helps you get more for less with Member savings on much more than just stationary. ACENZ Members can save time and money by using their special discount with OfficeMax.

Adminsoft - Practice Management Software

ACENZ Members can receive a discount on practice management software, very suitable for engineering firms. Read more to learn about the features of the software and available modules.

Budget Rental Cars

Budget has a wide range of vehicles from small, medium and large sedans and wagons, to luxury cars and commercial vehicles and vans. this scheme allows members to take advantage of group discounted rates and preferential service on all Budget rental car vehicles throughout New Zealand and can be extended worldwide.

Hertz Rental Cars

ACENZ Members can qualify for discounted rental cars with Hertz. Rates are subject to change and you must use the special booking codes in this post. No. 1 Club or No. 1 Club Gold membership is available to all members offering discounted rates on rental cars in New Zealand or worldwide.

Rutherford & Bond Toyota

ACENZ Members can be referred on to Rutherford & Bond Toyota for new car purchases or for car leasing. On a case-by-case basis, they can quote a discount for ACENZ Members depending on car models and quantities needed.

CDL Insight

ACENZ is an affiliate member of CDL Insight Consulting who provide business leadership, communications and comprehensive training courses throughout the country. Benefits to ACENZ Members include:

  • 20% discount on all professional development courses
  • Free access to CDL's learning resources hub
  • Free access to CDL's 6-weekly "Hello Insights" networking events