Become a member of ACE and join more than 250 firms in Aotearoa committed to consulting excellence and a stronger sector.

Who is ACE New Zealand?

We’re the Consultant’s Champion, elevating the voices, preparedness, and professionalism of consultancy firms working in the built and natural environment in Aotearoa.

Why join us?

Our membership spans over 14,000 people working in professional services consulting in Aotearoa – from engineers and surveyors to project managers and scientists, from planners and architects to marketers and lawyers – all working together to create remarkable outcomes for Aotearoa.

Your ACE New Zealand membership gives you:

  • A strong and credible voice with decision-makers on the issues that matter to you and your business
  • Access to member-only resources and downloads that will help you build a strong and sustainable business, ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow  
  • Enhanced business skills through events, webinars, workshops and masterclasses 
  • A listing in our online 'Find a Consultant'
  • Latest news and insights from here and abroad delivered straight to your inbox every week 
  • Prestige and peer recognition through the ACE Awards  


To apply for an ACE New Zealand membership, your firm must:  

  • ba resident or incorporated in New Zealand 
  • have staff with knowledge and experience in consulting in the natural and built environment to give impartial and competent advice 
  • have professional indemnity insurance policy for no less than $500,000 
  • bconstituted so that all control and management decisions are made by people who: 

    • are institution members in the class of Fellow or Chartered Member, or 
    • hold professional qualifications which in the opinion of the ACE New Zealand Board are equivalent to those of Institution members 
    • are members of a profession or organisation upholding a Code of Ethics compatible with that of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) 

  • abide by the ACE New Zealand Rules 

Rules of 
ACE New Zealand

All members agree to abide by the ACE New Zealand rules


You pay an annual subscription based on the size of your firm as of 1 January each year.   

We take the base rate of $782+GST (as of 1 April 2022) and apply a unit rate that is applicable to the size of your company.  

Payment is halved into two invoices sent in April and September each year. 

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The process

  • Submit your application online
  • We confirm all details are submitted correctly
  • We contact your referees
  • One of our ACE New Zealand Regional Chair's will interview you 
  • We ask for feedback on your firm from our current members - see Pending Members
  • We take your application to our next board meeting for review and vote

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