Other memberships

If you’re not a professional services consulting firm working in the built and natural environment, but you love our Kaupapa, you might be interested in one of our other memberships:

  • Associate membership

  • Retired Ordinary membership

  • Honorary Life member

Associate membership

To qualify for Associate Membership, you must: 

  • Subscribe to a suitable code of ethics

  • Operate in a similar field of interest 

  • Support the ACE New Zealand brand

  • Satisfy an interview (if needed)

  • Accepted by a discretionary decision of the board or its delegated sub-committee 

In general, Associate members are suppliers within the consulting or engineering industry. Examples of associate members include contracting companies, building supply companies, other suppliers and insurers. 

Benefits to associate members include:

  • Summary of the Annual Remuneration Survey

  • Listing on our member directory

  • Limited use of the ACE New Zealand associate logo

The cost of associate membership per annum is $500 + GST

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, complete the online application. Applications are voted on at each board meeting which usually occur every February, April, June/July, or November.

Retired ordinary membership

To qualify for retired ordinary membership, you must first have held Ordinary ACE New Zealand membership. When you (or your firm) have deemed it time to retire (minimum age of 55 applies), please contact ACE New Zealand staff in writing (email or letter) to inform us of your retirement, or ceasing from practice. We can then convert your existing membership into retired ordinary membership. There is no annual fee for retired membership.

It is an important distinction to note that retired members have ceased from actively practising within the profession of consulting engineering. 

Honorary life members

From time to time, ACE New Zealand recognises the long-term commitment and volunteer service by individuals to the association through bestowing Honorary Life Membership. Find out more