Are you a practice manager? Join our new forum to share ideas

If you’re a practice manager at a consulting firm your work can vary widely, including finance management, HR, data security, general day-to-day office management and more.

While some practice managers belong to networking groups or associations, there is currently no dedicated professional body for practice managers at a consulting firm. So you often work in isolation and it can be hard to know where to go or who to talk to if you need information. Sound familiar?

ACE New Zealand Chief Executive Helen Davidson says: “We know some of our members would value a group dedicated to connecting practice managers that allows those in similar roles to connect and discuss relevant issues, learn from one another and share ideas.”

So in 2024 we’re launching a new forum to connect practice managers in small to medium businesses (10-50 employees) from across our ACE member firms.

“Every month or two, we’ll identify a relevant topic for discussion and provide an opportunity for practice managers to ask questions, flag concerns, share ideas or discuss any ‘top of mind’ issues with each other,” Helen says. “We’ll invite forum members to suggest topics they want covered, and we’ll aim to invite guest speakers from time to time.”

The plan is to kick off with an initial online Teams meeting in March 2024 with further online meetings every month or two, depending on interest. Once we have a feel for attendance, desired content, and interest getting together in-person, we’ll investigate running some in-person regional meetings.

"It will be a great opportunity to network with your peers across the industry and tackle some of the challenges together," Helen says.    

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