Rajeev Balan

Company: Envivo
Role: Business Development Manager

Rajeev BalanAbout Rajeev

As part of Envivo’s senior leadership team, Rajeev is involved in establishing, building, maintaining and automating key processes related to business development, business unit performance, market analysis, budgeting, forecasting and demand planning. He has international experience and has worked with a diverse range of companies including Fortune 500 companies, one of New Zealand’s largest engineering consultancies and contractors, and SMEs.

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Strategic vision

My vision is an industry actively seeking equitable solutions to address climate change, to eventually help create a more sustainable world.

The global climate problem is the greatest challenge the engineering profession has ever faced. Everyone on the earth has a role to play, but civil engineers particularly as they design and construct the infrastructure that affects how people live their lives.

The challenges posed by climate change give civil engineers an opportunity to be more innovative, collaborative and holistic in their approach. A combination of various ways of thinking, stakeholder influence and creative solutions can make a big difference in bringing about true long-term change.

My key strategic vision is to protect and improve quality of life for people across the world as we continue to design and build infrastructure.


  • SME leadership and governance
  • Accounting, audit/risk and finances
  • Marketing, communications, public relations
  • Business development and entrepreneurial skills
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Senior management experience
  • Willingness and ability to devote time and energy to the role
  • Integrity and high ethical standards
  • Flexible and adaptive
  • Team player and interpersonal relations

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

Diversity is about bringing new viewpoints to a sector that has traditionally been homogeneous and non-inclusive, whether that’s differences in gender, socio-economic background, upbringing, religion, education, sexual orientation, ethnicity, neurodiversity and life experience. It’s also about engaging with a range of companies, from small to major organisations.

Diversity is good for the industry when we appreciate how to truly embrace, value and make use of diversity. Because better ideas, questions and solutions emerge when the industry understands how to bring out different perspectives, build on them and be inclusive of all the perspectives available in the market.

Inclusion is creating a culture in which a diverse group of people come together, feel comfortable and confident to be themselves, operate in a way that suits them and meets the industry's needs. Inclusiveness allows people from under-represented backgrounds to mix with those in positions of influence, reassuring them that their company is a place where they can learn and flourish. Everyone will feel appreciated and, more importantly, will add value as a result of inclusion. An inclusive work environment provides opportunities for a wider diversity of businesses to grow and succeed. Inclusive organisations are nearly twice as likely to be deemed market leaders in terms of innovation. This is a critical step towards building more resilient communities and a more sustainable society.

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