TEG wins gold award for project to keep meat processing industry safe

Workers at some of Aotearoa’s largest meat processing plants are feeling safer at work thanks to a large-scale project by TEG Risk and Sustainability Services that has won Gold at the ACE Awards on Tuesday 22 February 

TEG was employed by ANZCO Foods, Bremworth, Sanford, and Alliance Group to identify risks at their seven plants across the country to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 

One of the biggest meat processors in the country with 2,800 machines and 5,000 employees, Alliance Group needed a pragmatic and risk-effective approach. TEG worked on a massive scale to identify nearly 7,000 risks.   

ACE Award judges were impressed with TEG’s data-driven approach that was delivered in a useful and understandable way within a tight timeframe.  

ACE New Zealand Chief Executive Helen Davidson said: “The TEG team dealt with workers at all levels, from the people working on the machines through to the CEO and leadership team, so the stakeholder engagement involved in the project was impressive.  

“The people working on the machines typically accepted risk and injury as part of their jobs, but now report feeling more comfortable with their working conditions.  

“By translating risk in an understandable way, TEG has helped to transform machine safety not only in the meat industry but potentially for other high-risk industries.”  

About the ACE Awards  

The ACE Awards recognise consulting and engineering that achieves the highest level of innovation and excellence, and results in remarkable outcomes. The judging panel evaluates the submissions, conducts client interviews and tours project sites. This work is then reviewed by a group of peers, which makes the ACE Awards the pinnacle of achievement in the professional services consulting sector.  

These awards are the 2021 ACE Awards, originally scheduled to take place at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland in September 2021 but delayed because of COVID-19 restrictions. They took place online on Tuesday 22 February.     

For a full list of award winners and photos for use by media, please visit www.acenz.org.nz/2021winners 


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