The Construction Sector Accord requires total commitment

This blog post is written by Paul Evans, ACENZ Chief Executive

The Construction Sector Accord was launched earlier this year to transform the industry. The shared initiative between the government and the construction sector included a commitment from the government to develop a more visible pipeline of work and procurement practices that are fair, efficient and predictable.

I believe that giving effect to the Accord is central to a thriving construction sector and in turn, a flourishing Aotearoa. But the Accord isn’t just about what the government should be doing. ACENZ member firms have a role to play as well. If we are going to hold the government to account, we need to uphold those very same standards.

When government organisations impose unfair contract conditions on us, or they inappropriately transfer risk, we quite rightly push back. I’ve written many letters and been to many meetings on the subject. We should continue to do this; it’s the right approach and is in line with the intent of the Accord.

So, why are some of us imposing unfair contract conditions and unreasonably transferring risk to our fellow ACENZ firms? Surely this makes no sense?

We want our government clients to use standard forms of contract, that haven’t undergone a complete rewrite with many pages of onerous special conditions attached.

So, why aren’t we using standard forms of contract when working with our fellow firms?

The government’s commitment is a vital component in any transformation of the sector. WE also need to play a crucial role in the development of a new way of doing business. Without everyone bringing a consistent and principled approach, we won’t achieve our aspirations, and Aotearoa’s construction sector will continue to struggle.

I encourage you all to do better. To play your part in improving our sector. I welcome your thoughts.

Paul Evans

Chief Executive