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Unlocking the Value Within : An ACE educational series on reframing procurement

Auckland and online - May 07, 2024 at 12:00pm - 4pm


This ACE New Zealand educational series on reframing procurement will leverage critical thinking tools to explore the inherent challenges locked within the realm of procurement to reimagine what might be possible.

A lot of great discussions are happening across the construction and infrastructure sector as the industry looks at how it can gain greater efficiency and productivity to deliver innovative, affordable and impactful outcomes for our communities. An efficient, effective approach to procurement is the first step to an outstanding result. Our goal with this series is to look at procurement as an object of design and to explore ways to improve it.

How we define, set up and procure a project from the outset has significant implications downstream for the outcomes we will achieve – cost, time, innovation, behaviours and more. How we procure can also help us achieve better cultural, economic, social and environmental outcomes for New Zealand.

Nevertheless, we see inconsistent, uncoordinated approaches to procurement that have widespread negative impacts throughout the supply chain and society. It’s time to look at new ways of doing things.

Who is this series for? 

This educational series has been designed for senior staff involved in procurement, who are industry leaders in this area and want to take an even more visible leadership role in being part of influencing change across our industry, while at the same time developing their personal and professional skills in design-led thinking.

If you work at an ACE member firm (or a partner or client organisation) and you're keen to advance your problem-solving skills and creative thinking in the context of procurement, this series is for you. It has been designed for individuals interested in leveraging design-led thinking tools to address and improve real issues within the industry and becoming thought leaders who will lead and contribute to the industry development.

It will equip you with advanced creative problem-solving techniques and provide a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. 


ACE has partnered with Maureen Thurston, Chief Executive Officer of Access Partners and Chief Experience Officer at Aurecon, to deliver a bespoke educational series aimed at advancing our members’ creative competencies. 

Maureen is an experienced senior advisor who works with executive leaders at the interface of industry disruption and organisational transformation. She's an acknowledged critical thinker and skilled facilitator recognised for her ability to navigate ambiguity, simplify complexity and align strategic intent. 


  • Introduction event: 12pm Tuesday 7 May (an in-person session in Auckland)
  • Week one: Monday 20 May (online)   
  • Week two: Tuesday 4 June (online)  
  • Week three: Monday 17 June (online)
  • Week four: Monday 1 July (online)
  • Week five: Monday 15 July (online) 
  • Week six: Monday 29 July (online)
  • Week seven: Monday 12 August (online)
  • Week eight: Monday 26 August (online)
  • Week nine: Monday 9 September (online)     

The online programme consists of nine participants, engaging in three teams, across nine weeks, broken down into 90-minute segments, working on one real-life problem – procurement.

The programme kicks off on Tuesday 7 May with an in-person foundational tools session in Auckland.

At the end of the programme, participants will be invited to share their perspectives on the educational experience and insights into a new way of looking at procurement as a plenary keynote at the ACE New Zealand Futurespace conference in Christchurch in October 2024.

There will also be an in-person debrief for participants and invited guests (for example, relevant chief executives or general managers) with Maureen and ACE NZ executives.


  • Workshop fee per person $10,000
  • GST (15%) $1,500
  • Total workshop fee including GST $11,500

Register your interest

This is a limited opportunity with only nine participants and priority will be given to those who are “first in”.

For more information and to register your interest, email ACE General Manager of Engagement Hannah Bryce at [email protected]

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