Use eInvoicing for faster payments and improved cash flow

New Zealand businesses are moving to eInvoicing – and now’s the time to get on board.

The Government’s recent announcement to ramp up the use of eInvoicing in NZ is good news for consulting engineers who want to get paid faster, save time, and reduce your invoicing security risks. 

eInvoicing is the secure digital exchange of invoice information directly between buyers’ and suppliers’ financial systems, even if these systems are different.

The proposed requirement for government to pay eInvoices within five working days will help improve cash flow and offers a great incentive to send eInvoices to Government. Already, most central government agencies, and many wider government agencies (like councils), have joined the growing list of more than 21,000 NZ businesses who are registered to receive eInvoices.

And receiving eInvoices from your suppliers – like you can receive from ACE NZ – means you don’t have to manually enter these into your system, improving accuracy and reducing your admin burden.

The more businesses like yours send and receive eInvoices, the more you all benefit from the cash flow and productively gains eInvoicing brings.

Register to receive eInvoices today.

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