Meet the 2023 Student Award winners

The Student Award, sponsored by AECOM, celebrates engineering students' written and practical development. 

This year's winners are:

  1. Rebecca Liao
  2. Nathania Cheung and
  3. Jannik Wittgen

Rebecca Liao(University of Auckland)

Studying civil engineering at the University of Auckland, Rebecca Liao talks to us about her internship with Pattle Delemore Partners and her love of music. Find out more 

Jannik Wittgen (University of Auckland)

A mechatronics graduate from the University of Auckland, Jannik Wittgen talks to us about what motivates him. Find out more 

Nathania Cheung (University of Canterbury)

A natural resources engineering student at the University of Canterbury, Nathania Cheung shares with us why she chose to study engineering. Find out more